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Hand Painted
Aunt Catherine's Dresser Drawer Julia Sims Collection
Polaroid Art
Black & White

hand painted

Not just tinted, painted. Original black & white photographs with pigments hand painted. The typical question: Is it photography or painting? Bobby layers oil, watercolor, pastel and oil pencils blurring the lines and breaking the rules.
Aunt Catherine's dresser drawer

Bobby's wife inherited an old dresser from her great-great-Aunt Catherine, who died in 1996 at the age of 95. They found  hundreds of negatives from the previous 50 to 100 years. She was an artist, but her photographs had previously never been produced larger than the small drugstore prints with squiggled edges. 
Julia Sims

Bobby's paintings of wildlife photographer's work. Through an exclusive contract, a limited release of paintings from the images of Julia Sims,  internationally known wildlife photographer.
Polaroid Art

SX-70 manipulation, emulsion lift, image transfer. Previous to the discontinuance of sx-70 film, Bobby was featured on Polaroid's website.
black & white

Film only! Bobby has a diverse collection of images. He explores portraiture, landscape, architecture and wildlife photography.
commercial photography

Color photography through an artistic eye and atypical processing. Bobby does color, but NOT out of the box style.

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