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All darkroom work is done to archival standards by Bobby by hand.

Bobby provides all darkroom work for acclaimed photographer Dorothy Blum Cooper who also happens to be his wife. Their work is a true partnership. She pulled him back into the darkroom in 1999 after reminding him of the skill he acquired 25 years previously. He was taught a
somewhat nonchalant approach to the darkroom by a retired Air Force Colonel who recruited Bobby to take over the high school photography club. Bobby never touched a camera but became quite proficient in the darkroom.
Initially in his return to the darkroom Bobby attacked the process from a scientific, formulaic perspective. After months of calibration, metering and measuring for less than stellar results, and on the verge of tossing the darkroom gear, Bobby disconnected the analyzer and opened his eyes as he'd first learned. Immediately his work jumped forward and he hasn't looked back. With an angel on his shoulder he mixes light, chemicals, filters and contorted hand gestures to create one-of-a-kind reproductions. Famed jazz photographer Herman Leonard comments on Bobby's printing providing the highest praise.

Bobby has a way of matching the result with the intention of photographer. More often, he exceeds the anticipated result.

Bobby will provide limited fine art darkroom services to accepted photographers. He is very selective in accepting photographers. Keep in mind that Bobby produces artistic images through processing and printing. He suggests that those wanting lab-type service find a compatible lab. But for those few who want to push for the difference he welcomes the conversation.
To inquire about rates, services and work flow contact Bobby Cooper.

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