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Bobby ArtistBobby Cooper’s Photographic Art spans boundaries to deliver his unique style — a style he refers to as pigment-shaping. His keen eye and willingness to go outside the lines has earned him awards in both Photography and Art.

His work has been exhibited from the Blue Ridge to the Bayou featuring images of each region. The Internet has allowed Bobby Cooper’s work to be viewed and collected by art enthusiasts world wide.

Painting and sketching since young childhood, this self-taught artist knows he must be breaking rules. He laughs and says “the problem is I don’t know the rules.” The result is a fresh approach to old techniques — always trying to discover new ways to shape pigment in ways that flatter the images he sees.

The work is very diverse. Photography. Paint. Oil. Landscape. Architecture. People. Pop. Classic. Experimental.

Bobby’s portfolio includes series of both new and old photography. Some of his handpainted originals include new prints of 50-100 year old negatives. He reaches back in time to bring forward an uncommon look. As photographers race to digital, Bobby has thrived in the vacuum left behind.

Bobby Cooper has merged his perception and life's experiences into an outlet for his talent.

Limited edition gicleé prints and limited edition originals can be purchased through this website.

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